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By M. I. Dessouky, H. A. Sharshar, and Y. A. Albagory

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Cellular communications using high altitude platforms will predominate the existing conventional terrestrial or satellite systems. Radio coverage of HAPs is an important issue that affect the cellular system design, therefore a deep analysis of the HAP cell footprint will be presented in two coverage models and the cell parameters are also deduced for subsequent cellular design. In the design stage, a cell generating algorithm is introduced to define their locations more accurate. When deploying the cellular system with such algorithm, the cells have proper overlap and interspacing.

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M. I. Dessouky, H. A. Sharshar, and Y. A. Albagory, "Geometrical Analysis of High Altitude Platforms Cellular Footprint," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 67, 263-274, 2007.

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