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By A. K. Singh, P. Kumar, T. Chakravarty, G. Singh, and S. Bhooshan

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In this paper we propose a digital beamformer utilizing the radar integrator method of detection. In the receive mode the digitized radar returns weights are allocate on the such a way that the first pulse reflect a SUM pattern and the subsequent three pulses reflect DIFFERENCE pattern. The pulses on DIFFERENCE pattern are added to each other and the net signal subtracted from signal received in SUM pattern. This results in very narrow beam which shows narrow spatial resolution. The schematic is presented and the results are shown.

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A. K. Singh, P. Kumar, T. Chakravarty, G. Singh, and S. Bhooshan, "A Novel Digital Beamformer with Low Angle Resolution for Vehicle Tracking Radar," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 66, 229-237, 2006.

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