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By X.-T. Zhao, X.-K. Ma, and Y.-Z. Zhao

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The extension of an unconditionally stable precise integration time domain method for the numerical solutions of Maxwell's equations to circular cylindrical coordinate system is presented in this paper. In contrast with the conventional cylindrical finite-difference time-domain method, not only can it remove the Courant stability condition constraint, but also make the numerical dispersion independent of the time-step size. Moreover, the first-order absorbing boundary condition can be introduced into the proposed method successfully, whereas the alternating-direction-implicit finitedifference time-domain method may become instable for open region radiation problems terminated with absorbing boundary conditions. Theoretical proof of the unconditional stability is mentioned and the numerical results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in solving electromagnetic-field problem.

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X.-T. Zhao, X.-K. Ma, and Y.-Z. Zhao, "An Unconditionally Stable Precise Integration Time Domain Method for the Numerical Solution of Maxwell's Equations in Circular Cylindrical Coordinates," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 69, 201-217, 2007.

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