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By Z. Li and J. Cui

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The high power generation and transmission for TM modes in a parallel-plate waveguide filled with three-layered medium called sandwich structure are investigated. The transmission power could never exceed the input power of the source in a conventional parallel-plate waveguide filled with homogeneous or inhomogeneous right-handed material (RHM) or homogenous left-handed material (LHM). Based on the stratified medium theory, extremely high power can be generated and transmitted if the waveguide is composed of RHM-LHM-RHM or LHM-RHM-LHM sandwich structure with the medium parameters and layer thickness being properly chosen. Different from the TE case, the dominant mode exists in such a structure is TM0 mode which can be always supported despite the size of the waveguide. From our numerical results, we find that the high power generation and transmission can be easily realized even in the more realistic case where the LHM is described by the Lorentz medium model.

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Z. Li and J. Cui, "Sandwich-Structure Waveguides for Very High-Power Generation and Transmission Using Left-Handed Materials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 69, 101-116, 2007.

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