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By A. Rostami and A. Yazdanpanah-Goharriz

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In this paper a novel intelligent method to identify an unknown medium (type of apodization and chirping) is developed. Our consideration is concentrated on complex fiber Bragg Gratings. For realization of the idea the Genetic Algorithms (GAs) is used. So, GAs is used to solve inverse scattering problem for reconstruction of nonuniform or complex fiber Brag gratings. In this method, the reflection coefficient measured in practice is inserted to a suitable algorithm. According to the proposed method, first medium discrimination is performed between predefined large classes of mediums and then the whole and necessary parameters for reconstruction of the medium are extracted. Full numerical method is used for compare of the results obtained from the presented algorithm. Our simulation shows good agreement between them. So, a novel method for identification and discrimination of optical mediums especially complex Bragg Gratings is presented. Finally the presented method can be used to identify optical mediums and complex Bragg Gratings systems.

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A. Rostami and A. Yazdanpanah-Goharriz, "A New Method for Classification and Identification of Complex Fiber Bragg Grating Using the Genetic Algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 75, 329-356, 2007.

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