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By R. Zaker, C. Ghobadi, and J. Nourinia

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This paper presents a novel modified Printed Tapered Monopole Antenna (PTMA)for ultra wideband (UWB)wireless communication applications. The proposed antenna consists of a truncated ground plane and two-tapered radiating patch separated by a slot (air gap)of different slopes, which provides a wideband behavior and relatively good matching. Moreover, the effects of a modified T-shaped slot inserted in the first tapered patch, on the impedance matching is investigated. The antenna has a small area of 23 × 26.5mm2 and offers an impedance bandwidth as high as 100% at a centre frequency of 7.2 GHz for S11 < −10 dB, which has an area reduction of 15% and a frequency bandwidth increment of 72% with respect to the previous similar antenna. The presented antenna covers the 5.2/5.8 GHz WLAN and 5.5 GHz WIMAX operating bands. Numerical analysis using Ansoft HFSS and measurement results is also presented in the paper.

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