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By P. Abdulla and A. Chakraborty

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Hemispherical dielectric resonator (HDR) antenna excited with a thick slot at the short circuited end of waveguide is analyzed theoretically and verified experimentally. The problems are formulated using the Green's function approach; with unknown slot currents solved using the method of moments (MOM). The HDR is modeled using exact magnetic field Green's function due to the equivalent magnetic current in the slot. The field inside the waveguide is expressed in terms of model vectors and modal functions. Thickness of the slot is analyzed using cavity approach. For the analysis of HDR antenna part, the modal series is represented as a sum of particular and homogeneous solutions. The particular solution is computed efficiently using spectral domain approach. In order to determine the effects of varying design parameters on bandwidth and matching, sensitivity analysis is carried out using the code developed. Measurements were carried out to verify the theory, and reasonable agreement between them is obtained.

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