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By C. Sabah and S. Uckun

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In this work, frequency behavior of the multilayer structure comprised of double-negative (DNG) and dielectric slabs is presented in detail. The multilayer structure consists of N pieces DNG and dielectric slabs with different material properties and thicknesses. The incident electric field is assumed to be a monochromatic plane wave with any arbitrary polarization. The DNG layers are realized using the parameters of Lorentz/Drude type metamaterials. Transfer matrix method is used in the analysis to find the characteristics of the reflected and transmitted powers. Finally, the computations of the powers for two structures are demonstrated in numerical results for the application to design efficient filters at the microwave, millimeter wave, and optical frequency regions.

C. Sabah and S. Uckun, "Multilayer System of Lorentz/Drude Type Metamaterials with Dielectric Slabs and its Application to Electromagnetic Filters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 91, 349-364, 2009.

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