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By H.-W. Chang, W.-C. Cheng, and S.-M. Lu

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We combine the analytic eigen mode expansion method with the finite-difference, frequency-domain (FD-FD) method to study two-dimensional (2-D) optical waveguide devices for both TE and TM polarizations. For this we develop a layer-mode based transparent boundary condition (LM-TBC) to assist launching of an arbitrary incident wave field and to direct the reflected and the transmitted scattered wave fields back and forward to the analytical regions. LM-TBC is capable of transmitting all modes including guiding modes, cladding modes and even evanescent waves leaving the FD domain. Both TE and TM results are compared and verified with exact free space Green's function and a semi-analytical solution.

H.-W. Chang, W.-C. Cheng, and S.-M. Lu, "Layer-Mode Transparent Boundary Condition for the Hybrid FD-FD Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 94, 175-195, 2009.

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