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By Z.-L. Liu and J. Yang

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A novel scheme of combining non-uniform rational B-splines (NURBS) model with higher-order moment method (HOMM) is presented. The mesh precision of conforming to practical object is a major factor for HOMM to yield accurate results. In the present paper, NURBS technique is employed to model complex objects accurately with large curved Bezier patches and no factitious geometric discontinuities are introduced between the adjoining patches. The higher-order modified Legendre basis functions are defined on Bezier patch. As a result of the combination of NURBS model with HOMM, the accuracy of results is greatly improved compared with HOMM on curved parametric quadrilateral (CPQ) model, meanwhile, the number of unknowns is much reduced. Numerical results show that NURBS-HOMM is an efficient technique with good potential to solve the electromagnetic (EM) problems of complex electrically large objects.

Z.-L. Liu and J. Yang, "Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering with Higher-Order Moment Method and NURBS Model," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 96, 83-100, 2009.

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