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By M. Benedetti, G. Oliveri, P. Rocca, and A. Massa

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In this paper, the architecture of a smart antenna prototype is described and its functionality assessed. The system prototype is composed by an 8-elements linear array of dipoles with a finite reflecting plane and the adaptive behavior is obtained modifying a set of array weights with electronically-driven vector modulators. In order to real-time react to complex interference scenarios, the system is controlled by a software control module based on a Particle Swarm Optimizer. To demonstrate the feasibility and the effectiveness of the proposed implementation, a set of representative results concerned with different interference scenarios is reported and discussed.

M. Benedetti, G. Oliveri, P. Rocca, and A. Massa, "A Fully-Adaptive Smart Antenna Prototype: Ideal Model and Experimental Validation in Complex Interference Scenarios," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 96, 173-191, 2009.

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