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By L. Hu, J. L.-W. Li, and T. S. Yeo

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In this paper, electromagnetic scattering of a plane wave by large inhomogeneous arbitrarily shaped bi-anisotropic objects is solved by Adaptive Integral Method (AIM). Based on Maxwell equations and constitutive relationship for general bi-anisotropic media and using Volume Integral Equations (VIE), the electromagnetic fields are derived as functions of equivalent volume sources. Then the integral equations are discretized using Method of Moments (MoM). Because of the dense matrix property, MoM cannot be used to solve electromagnetic scattering by large objects. Therefore, AIM is adopted to reduce the memory requirement and speed up the solution process. Comparison between AIM and MoM with respect to CPU time and memory requirement is done to show the efficiency of AIM in solving electromagnetic scattering by large objects. Numerical results are obtained for some canonical cases and compared with Mie theory, in which excellent agreement is observed. some new numerical results are also presented for the more general bi-anisotropic material media.

L. Hu, J. L.-W. Li, and T. S. Yeo, "Analysis of Scattering by Large Inhomogeneous BI-Anisotropic Objects Using AIM," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 99, 21-36, 2009.

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