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By X. Cheng, H. Chen, X.-M. Zhang, B. Zhang, and B.-I. Wu

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In this paper, the backscattering properties of a perfect electric conducting sphere coated with layered anisotropic media whose constitutive parameters are close to nihility are investigated. We show that the backscattering is more sensitive to the radial constitutive parameters than to the tangential ones. Compared with isotropic case, the anisotropic media with small axial parameters have the potential to yield more reduction of backscattering magnitude on coated perfectly conducting spheres.

X. Cheng, H. Chen, X.-M. Zhang, B. Zhang, and B.-I. Wu, "Cloaking a Perfectly Conducting Sphere with Rotationally Uniaxial Nihility Media in Monostatic Radar System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 100, 285-298, 2010.

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