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By Y. Liu, W.-B. Dou, and Y.-J. Zhao

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In this paper, we present a tri-band filter design using tri-mode T-shaped branches connected by λ/4 transmission lines. By analyzing the input admittance of a T-shape branch with commensurate electrical lengths, three resonant modes with two transmission zeros between are found and design formulas are derived. The filter can be regarded as a combination of three bandpass filters with only one set of coupling elements. To realize different bandwidths for each, the admittance slope of each resonating mode is set as required. A genetic algorithm is used in solving related equations to obtain the impedance of each line in a T-shape branch, followed by a final optimization. A three-pole tri-band filter having passbands of 0.6-0.9, 1.35-1.65 and 2.1-2.4 GHz, is designed, fabricated and measured with low passband insertion losses of < 0.7 dB and high rejection of > 60 dB between the passband regions. As a generalization, necessary to achieve a tri-band filter with arbitrary passbands, a non-commensurate version of the T-shape branch is introduced. An example filter design is given with the passbands asymmetrically located at 0.7-1, 1.65-1.95, and 2.2-2.3 GHz. This technique is able to achieve good design flexibility with respect to bandwidth ratios. This is validated by studying the maximum impedance variations of a T-shape branch when the bandwidth ratios vary.

Y. Liu, W.-B. Dou, and Y.-J. Zhao, "A Tri-Band Bandpass Filter Realized Using Tri-Mode T-Shape Branches," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 105, 425-444, 2010.

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