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By D.-W. Seo, J.-H. Yoo, K. I. Kwon, and N.-H. Myung

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A recently presented equivalent conductor (EC) method enables fast computation for the radar cross section (RCS) of a chaff cloud. Despite its good performance, the EC method is restrictively applicable due to the complex orientation distribution of chaff and the incident angle. In this paper, a generalized equivalent conductor (GEC) method is presented for estimating the RCS of an actual chaff cloud. The proposed method can be applied to any orientation distribution of the chaff cloud by using a weight function and a weighted average, as well as to any incident angle by employing a method of moment (MoM). Numerical results are presented for three scenarios and validated with results of the MoM.

D.-W. Seo, J.-H. Yoo, K. I. Kwon, and N.-H. Myung, "Generalized Equivalent Conductor Method for a Chaff Cloud with an Arbitrary Orien- Tation Distribution," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 105, 333-346, 2010.

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