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By T.-H. Ding, Y.-S. Li, X. Yan, and Y.-Z. Qu

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In this paper, a new method is proposed to calculate the simultaneous switching noise (SSN) in order to reduce the complexity of SSN circuit models and computational burden based on the rational function (RF) in time domain. The time-domain impedance function of a power delivery network (PDN) is calculated by approximating the impedance frequency response of a PDN with a rational function, and the SSN is calculated based on switching current characteristics. It is also found that the SSN can be suppressed through adjusting the period of time-domain impedance function and switching current. Compared with the results of lumped and distributed PDNs, the performance of the new method for calculating and suppressing the SSN is verified, and the simulation time of SSN is reduced effectively.

T.-H. Ding, Y.-S. Li, X. Yan, and Y.-Z. Qu, "A New Efficient Method for Calculation and Suppression of Simultaneous Switching Noise with the Time-Domain Impedance Function for High-Speed Circuit Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 112, 41-62, 2011.

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