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By M. Pergol and W. Zieniutycz

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In the paper, an Illuminating Modes concept is introduced in order to find microstrip antenna parameters - resonant frequency, resonant resistance and radiation pattern. The concept is based on illuminating the rectangular patch by a single normally-incident plane wave. It results in the surface current density induced on the patch which is found by means of two-dimensional Spectral Domain Approach. Then, the resonant frequency, the quality factor, the resonant resistance and the radiation pattern of the analysed antenna are found. Application of Illuminating Mode concept in Spectral Domain Approach effects in analysis simplification and less time consuming calculations with no waste of the accuracy. Exemplary results for several kinds of radiators are presented, showing satisfactory level of agreement with published data.

M. Pergol and W. Zieniutycz, "Rectangular Microstrip Resonator Illuminated by Normal-Incident Plane Wave," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 120, 83-97, 2011.

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