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Optimal Design for High-Temperature Broadband Radome Wall with Symmetrical Graded Porous Structure

By Licheng Zhou, Yongmao Pei, Rubing Zhang, and Daining Fang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 1-14, 2012


This study focuses on electromagnetic and thermo-mechanical optimal design for high-temperature broadband radome wall with symmetrical graded porous structure. The position-dependent porosity increases from the two surfaces of the structure to its intermediate layer. Electromagnetic and thermo-mechanical properties of the proposed structure are investigated simultaneously via numerical simulations. Optimal results suggest that the symmetrical porous structure possesses better broadband transmission performance in the 1-100 GHz frequency range, in contrast to a traditional A-sandwich structure. The thermo-mechanical investigation also indicates that the novel structure meets the requirement for high-temperature (up to 1400°C) applications.


Licheng Zhou, Yongmao Pei, Rubing Zhang, and Daining Fang, "Optimal Design for High-Temperature Broadband Radome Wall with Symmetrical Graded Porous Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 1-14, 2012.


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