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Artificial Magnetic Materials Synthesis with Generic Metallic Broken Loops

By Ali Kabiri and Omar M. Ramahi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 140, 105-129, 2013


We propose a methodic approach to design Artificial Magnetic Materials (AMM) with desired magnetic properties. The design procedure is defined based on a novel formulation for characterizing AMMs. The employed formulation expresses the effective permeability and the magnetic loss tangent (MLT) in terms of the geometrical and physical parameters of the inclusions. The method comprised four steps. In the first step, the feasibility of the design is checked through a set of constraints. The second and third steps provide an iterative procedure to capture the desired magnetic properties. Finally, the geometrical elements, i.e., the area and perimeter of inclusions, are calculated. The technique is applied to design of an AMM structure based on Rose curve resonators. The design based on the proposed methodology is verified by the numerical simulation of the AMM.


Ali Kabiri and Omar M. Ramahi, "Artificial Magnetic Materials Synthesis with Generic Metallic Broken Loops," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 140, 105-129, 2013.


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