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Frequency Dependent Model of Sheet Resistance and Effect Analysis on Shielding Effectiveness of Transparent Conductive Mesh Coatings

By Yongmeng Liu and Jiubin Tan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 140, 353-368, 2013


A frequency dependent model of sheet resistance of transparent conductive mesh coatings is proposed based on transmission line theory and vilified by experiments. And the effect on shielding effectiveness of frequency dependent sheet resistance is analyzed. Simulation results of shielding effectiveness are compared with the experimental data of a mesh-coated window sample with equivalent parameters fabricated and measured by Exotic Electro-Optics. The agreement between experiment and simulated proves the validity of the proposed sheet resistance model. So it can be therefore concluded that the frequency dependent model can be used to reasonably evaluate sheet resistance and shielding effectiveness of transparent conductive mesh coated windows.


Yongmeng Liu and Jiubin Tan, "Frequency Dependent Model of Sheet Resistance and Effect Analysis on Shielding Effectiveness of Transparent Conductive Mesh Coatings," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 140, 353-368, 2013.


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