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By M. Ur-Rehman, Q. H. Abbasi, X. Chen, and Z. Ying

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The human body has got a pivotal role in portable devices operating in Body-centric Wireless Networks (BCWNs). Electromagnetic interaction between lossy human body tissues and wearable antennas degrades the system performance. Efficient deployment of such systems necessitates thorough understanding of these effects. Numerical analysis is a powerful tool that provides useful information of such scenarios fairly quicker than the actual measurements giving the user full control of the design environment. This paper investigates usefulness of numerical analysis based on the comparison of three different homogeneous models of the human body. Effectiveness of a numerical model is evaluated in terms of its resolution, computational efficiency, time consumption and accuracy of the results in software followed by experimental verifications.

M. Ur-Rehman, Q. H. Abbasi, X. Chen, and Z. Ying, "Numerical Modelling of Human Body for Bluetooth Body-Worn Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 143, 623-639, 2013.

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