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By M.-C. Tsai, C.-W. Chiu, H.-C. Wang, and T.-F. Wu

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This paper presents a one-wavelength loop antenna fed by an inductively coupled loop for on-body applications. An equivalent circuit for the inductively coupled loop antenna is proposed to synthesize the antenna system with a microchip. The designed tag is printed on a PVC substrate and placed close to a four-layer stratified elliptical cylinder human model. The card-type tag measures 85.5 × 54 × 0.76 mm3 and is suitable for use on a student ID card for a broad range of applications. The impedance bandwidth of the inductively coupled loop tag antenna is 60 MHz (880-940 MHz, 6.6%), which covers the operating UHF bands in U.S. and Taiwan. The measured reading distance ranges from 2.7 to 5.7 meters when placed at different positions on the chest of a human body in the open site.

M.-C. Tsai, C.-W. Chiu, H.-C. Wang, and T.-F. Wu, "Inductively Coupled Loop Antenna Design for UHF RFID on-Body Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 143, 315-330, 2013.

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