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By L. Chu, X.-S. Guo, B. Li, B. Xu, Q. Wan, and Y. Shen

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We present a robust multiple-channel vector-matching localization approach (MCVM) based on signal strength difference (SSD) fingerprinting of ZigBee Network. Compared with some existing algorithms, our presented approach has threefold advantages: firstly, far fewer numbers of received signal strength(RSS) measurements and reference nodes are needed; secondly, it shows more robustness to the fluctuation of RSS; thirdly, it requires low time-consuming signal strength collection surveys in the location space. We demonstrate the performances of our algorithm experimentally using different numbers of channels, reference nodes and training points. The Cramer-Rao Low Bound(CRLB) of SSD is derived in order to compare the performance of the different localization methods addressed. The experiment results show the efficacy of our proposed approach.

L. Chu, X.-S. Guo, B. Li, B. Xu, Q. Wan, and Y. Shen, "A Robust Vector Matching Localization Approach Based on Multiple Channels Ssd Fingerprinting of Zigbee Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 144, 133-140, 2014.

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