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By Y. Cheng, Y. Nie, Z. Cheng, and R. Z. Gong

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In this paper, a bi-layer twisted split-ring structure asymmetric chiral metamaterial was proposed, which could achieve circularly polarized (giant circular dichroism effect) wave with dual bands and linear polarization transformation (giant optical activity)with asymmetric transmission wave emissions simultaneously from linearly polarized incident wave at microwave frequencies. Experiment and simulation calculations are in good agreement, indicating that the dual-band circular polarizer features high conversion efficiency around 5.32 GHz and 6.6 GHz in addition to large polarization extinction ratio of more than 16 dB, while cross linear polarization transformation with asymmetric transmission is observed around 10.52GHz. The transformation behavior for both circular and linear polarizations could be further illustrated by simulated surface current and electric field distributions. The proposed asymmetric chiral metamaterial structure could be useful in designing novel EM or optical devices, as well as polarization control devices.

Y. Cheng, Y. Nie, Z. Cheng, and R. Z. Gong, "Dual-Band Circular Polarizer and Linear Polarization Transformer Based on Twisted Split-Ring Structure Asymmetric Chiral Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 145, 263-272, 2014.

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