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Graphene-Based Infrared Lens with Tunable Focal Length

By Yanxiu Li, Fanmin Kong, and Kang Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 155, 19-26, 2016


In modern information and communication technologies, manipulating focal length has been hot topic. Considering that the conductivity of graphene layer can effectively be tuned by purposely designing the thickness of the dielectric spacer underneath the graphene layer, a graphene-based lens with tunable focal length is proposed in this paper, and it can be used to collimate waves. The fabrication of the proposed graphene-based lens is purposed, and the performance of the lens is verified with finite-element method. The simulation results demonstrate that the graphene-based lens has excellent tunability and confinement. At the same time, the lens exhibits low loss in certain rang and large frequency bandwidth.


Yanxiu Li, Fanmin Kong, and Kang Li, "Graphene-Based Infrared Lens with Tunable Focal Length," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 155, 19-26, 2016.


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