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By A. S. Al-Zayed, M. J. Al-Yousef, and S. F. Mahmoud

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Two new 5-port power divider designs capable of controlling the power division ratios between the output ports are proposed. In the rst design, the input power is switchable between two pairs of the output ports. This is implemented by terminating the dividers' two open-ended stubs with varactor diodes. In the second design, the power division is controlled by a single varactor diode that terminates one of the dividers two open-ended stubs. With judicious choice of dc bias voltage, it is possible to realize equal as well as unequal power division ratios between the four output ports. High power division ratios was achieved without the necessity of involving transmission lines with high impedances. It is demonstrated that this design is capable of generating amplitude modulated signals. Simulation and measurement results are presented for the designs to show their power division and matching performance.

A. S. Al-Zayed, M. J. Al-Yousef, and S. F. Mahmoud, "Five Ports Power Divider Designs with Controllable Power Division and Switching Capabilities," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 155, 93-103, 2016.

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