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By A. Y. Butrym and M. N. Legenkiy

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An E-wave excites longitudinal conductivity currents in a waveguide filled with lossy medium. Total flow of this current through a cross-section is nonzero for odd E-modes; it means that some charge is transported by the pulse along the waveguide. This phenomenon is considered in the paper using analytical approach based on mode expansion of the fields in Time Domain (known as Mode Basis Method) and using Finite Difference in Time Domain method (FDTD). Volume conductivity charges being moved by the pulse wave are determined. In order to set the problem as much physically as possible we consider diffraction of a pulse E-wave on the boundary between a hollow waveguide and a waveguide with conductive medium. Behavior of the transient fields and surface charges at the interface are also examined. It is shown that an incident pulse wave excites a surface wave at the interface that results in transversal resonance with relaxation time much greater than that of the conductive medium. Characteristics of the travelling charge pulse wave are studied based on the obtained closed-form solution.

A. Y. Butrym and M. N. Legenkiy, "Charge Transport by a Pulse E-Wave in a Waveguide with Conductive Medium," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 15, 325-346, 2009.

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