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By A. Brovenko, P. N. Melezhik, A. Y. Poyedinchuk, N. P. Yashina, and G. Granet

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Scattering of electromagnetic waves by periodic stripe grating backed with a layer of metamaterial is considered. The distinguished feature of the structure is the association of periodicity of two scales: Micro scale that is the scale characteristic to metamaterial of the layer, and the scale of periodic metal stripe grating that is of the scale of wavelength of incident electromagnetic field. Such association gives rise to new type of resonant phenomena such as "crowding" of resonant transmission/reflection peaks in the vicinity of characteristic frequencies of the structure. The study of the problem is performed on the base of rigorous and accurate solution to the diffraction and spectral problems, which guarantees the robustness of numerical algorithm; and allows asymptotical analytical analysis of the problem and prediction of various resonant phenomena.

A. Brovenko, P. N. Melezhik, A. Y. Poyedinchuk, N. P. Yashina, and G. Granet, "Resonant Scattering of Electromagnetic Wave by Stripe Grating Backed with a Layer of Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 15, 423-441, 2009.

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