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By B. V. Ha, P. Pirinoli, R. E. Zich, M. Mussetta, and F. Grimaccia

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In this paper, a modified Bayesian Optimization Algorithm (BOA), named M-BOA, is proposed to introduce a suitable mutation scheme for the traditional procedure in order to speed up the convergence of the algorithm and to avoid it to be trapped in local minima or to stagnate in suboptimal solutions. The proposed algorithm has been applied both to a specific mathematical test function and to sparse linear antenna arrays design, showing outperforming capabilities not only with respect to the standard BOA, but also with respect to other assessed global optimization methods.

B. V. Ha, P. Pirinoli, R. E. Zich, M. Mussetta, and F. Grimaccia, "Modified Bayesian Optimization Algorithm for Sparse Linear Antenna Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 54, 385-405, 2013.

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