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By Y. H. Lee, F. Dong, and Y. S. Meng

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Non-line-of-sight (NLoS) maritime mobile radio channel in 5 GHz band is experimentally investigated in this paper through wideband channel soundings. During the measurements, the transmitter was installed onboard a speed boat, while the receiver was placed on the roof top of a building on shore. Different types of cargo ships anchored off the east coast of Singapore were examined as obstructions for the NLoS propagations. Besides power delay profile (PDP), stand-off distance is introduced in this work to analyze the NLoS propagations associated with three different types of cargo ships. The measured PDPs and stand-off distances are found to be comparable qualitatively with the simulated results using 3-D ray tracing. The reported information is found to be useful for military applications such as unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) in maritime environments or surveillance.

Y. H. Lee, F. Dong, and Y. S. Meng, "Stand-off Distances for Non-Line-of-Sight Maritime Mobile Applications in 5 GHz Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 54, 321-336, 2013.

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