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By B. Li, D. Mansson, and G. Yang

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This paper presents a novel approach for solving the frequency responses of a powerline network, which is a two-parallel-conductor system with multiple junctions and branches. By correcting the reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient of each junction, a complex network can be decomposed into several, single-junction, units. Based on the Baum-Liu-Tesche (BLT) equation, we preliminarily propose the calculation method of frequency responses for single-junction network. In accordance with the direction of power transfer, we calculate the frequency responses of loads connected to each junction sequentially, from the perspective of the network structure. This approach greatly simplifies the computational complexity of the network frequency responses. To verify the proposed algorithm, networks with various numbers of junctions and branches are investigated, and the results are compared with a commercial electromagnetic simulator based on the topology. The analytical results agree well with the simulated ones.

B. Li, D. Mansson, and G. Yang, "An Efficient Method for Solving Frequency Responses of Power-Line Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 62, 303-317, 2015.

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