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By D. A. Pujara, S. B. Sharma, and S. B. Chakrabarty

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This paper presents a novel technique to improve the cross-polarization and the beam efficiency of an offset parabolic reflector antenna used for space borne radiometric applications. A special multi-mode primary feed (tri-mode conjugate matched feed) is used to illuminate the offset parabolic reflector antenna. The simulated data on the radiation characteristics of the offset parabolic reflector antenna with a matched feed has been compared with that of a conventional Potter horn. It is observed that the tri-mode feed suppress the unwanted high cross-polarization of an offset reflector antenna and improves the beam efficiency.

D. A. Pujara, S. B. Sharma, and S. B. Chakrabarty, "Improving the Beam Efficiency of an Offset Parabolic Reflector Antenna for Spaceborne Radiometric Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 10, 143-150, 2009.

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