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By A. B. Abdel-Rahman, M. Kheir, A. K. Verma, and A. S. Omar

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We introduce a new slot resonator in the ground plane of a microstrip that is loaded with a parallel plate capacitor. The loaded slot has a 73% reduced length. Its unloaded Q-factor is 98 which is 91% higher than that of an ordinary slot. It is suitable to reject the narrow band unwanted signal. The proposed high Q-factor compact slot resonator also suppresses the undesired spurious high frequency response of the unloaded slot resonator. The structure is further used to determine the unknown dielectric constant of a sheet material with 0.04 variation in εr.

A. B. Abdel-Rahman, M. Kheir, A. K. Verma, and A. S. Omar, "Material-Loaded High Q-Factor Slot Resonator and Measurement of Relative Permittivity," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 13, 67-76, 2010.

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