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By D.-J. Jung and K. Chang

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In this paper, a novel dumbbell shaped slot resonator (DSSR) is introduced and investigated based on a circuit theory and electromagnetic (EM) simulation. Lumped and distributed equivalent circuit models are then presented for an analysis of the proposed DSSR. The circuit and EM simulated results validate the DSSR's equivalent circuit models and their analysis methodologies. Since the proposed DSSR does not employ ground slots, additional etching process for the ground plane is not necessary. Thus, one can minimize the cost and fabrication errors. For the DSSR's applications, the miniaturized tunable DSSR and band-pass filter (BPF) are designed, simulated, and measured. The tunable DSSR does not require additional lumped DC-block capacitors since DC is isolated due to the coupled gap structures in an input and output. In the BPF design, two DSSRs are simply coupled by input/output ports. Both simulated and measured results of the designed tunable resonator and BPF show good agreement.

D.-J. Jung and K. Chang, "Accurate Modeling of Microstrip Dumbbell Shaped Slot Resoantor (Dssr) for Miniaturized Tunable Resoantor and Band-Pass Filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 23, 137-150, 2011.

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