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By R. Kazemi, R. Sadeghzadeh, and A. E. Fathy

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Ultra wideband components have been developed using SIW technology. The various newly developed components include a GCPW transition, Y and T-junctions. The GCPW transition covers over 10 GHz bandwidth with less than 0.4 dB insertion loss. The optimized T and Y-junctions have relatively wide bandwidths of greater than 40% that have less than 0.6\,dB insertion loss. The developed transition was utilized to design an X-band eight-way power divider that demonstrated excellent performance over a 4 GHz bandwidth with less than ±4º and ±0.9 dB phase and amplitude imbalance, respectively. Theoretical and experimental results are presented and compared with previously designed SIW power dividers. The developed SIW power divider has a low profile and is particularly suitable for circuits' integration.

R. Kazemi, R. Sadeghzadeh, and A. E. Fathy, "Design of a Wide Band Eight-Way Compact SIW Power Combiner Fed by a Low Loss GCPW-to-SIW Transition," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 26, 97-110, 2012.

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