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By Y.-L. Luo, L. Xu, Z.-Y. Xin, and S. He

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A novel compact ultrawideband (UWB) CPW-fed antenna with triple lower pass bands and dual notched bands for wireless applications is presented. The low-profile antenna comprises of an approximate hexagonal-shaped radiator for covering the UWB band (3.1~10.8 GHz). Triple lower pass bands, the 1.5G band, 1.8 GHz GSM band and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth band, can be realized by adding three handstand semielliptical-shaped stubs bilaterally at the upper part of antenna ground. A notched band of 3.3~3.7 GHz for rejection of WIMAX radio signals can also be obtained by adjusting the geometry of the three stubs. In addition, an U-shaped slot on the radiating patch generates a notched band in 5.15~5.825 GHz for rejection of WLAN radio signals. The proposed antenna is designed and built on a FR-4 substrate, with overall size of 25 mm×24 mm. The simulated and measured results are presented and show that the proposed compact antenna has a stable and omnidirectional radiation patterns across all the relevant bands.

Y.-L. Luo, L. Xu, Z.-Y. Xin, and S. He, "A Compact CPW-Fed UWB Antenna with GSM, GPS, Bluetooth and Dual Notch Bands Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 35, 205-219, 2013.

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