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By J. Fan, Z.-Y. Lei, Y.-J. Xie, and M. Man

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A simple and effective method of bandwidth enhancement for the printed meander line antenna (MLA) is proposed. This approach is characterized by symmetrically printing two meandering sections on both sides of a dielectric substrate and connecting them via shorting pins at the bottom of meandering sections, which are connected to a capacitive stripe for impedance matching. The illustrative equivalent circuit and the corresponding principle of bandwidth enhancement of this double-layered MLA are presented. The measured results of these double-layered and single-layered MLAs manifest the validity of our design approach.

J. Fan, Z.-Y. Lei, Y.-J. Xie, and M. Man, "Bandwidth Enhancement for Low Frequency Meander Line Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 51, 169-177, 2014.

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