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By A. Zugari, N. Raveu, C. Girard, H. Baudrand, and M. Khalladi

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The hybrid approach based on the coupling of the Wave Concept Iterative Procedure method and the Frequency Domain Transmission Line Matrix method is improved. The proposed method reduces the computation time by solving waves at the planar circuit interface: the volumic method is replaced by an equivalent surface condition. Thanks to this new approach, planar circuits presenting inhomogeneous dielectric substrates are studied. The proposed approach is compared to other methods on several examples.

A. Zugari, N. Raveu, C. Girard, H. Baudrand, and M. Khalladi, "A Fast Hybrid WCIP and Fdtlm Approach to Study Inhomogeneous Circuits," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 51, 55-62, 2014.

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