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By S. A. Hosseini, F. Capolino, and F. De Flaviis

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An extremely simple design of a planar Fabry-Pérot cavity antenna is proposed as a very promising candidate for millimeter-wave wireless systems. The simplicity of this design is obtained by using a dielectric slab, here quartz, to form a single-layer cavity with thin layers of copper etched/printed on both sides, to form the ground plane on one side and the frequency-selective surface (FSS) on the opposite side of the slab. By keeping the planarity of the structure and not-requiring an additional supporting layer, the cavity is excited using an integrated feeding-slot antenna etched on its ground plane. The variations in the radiation properties of the proposed antenna, linked to its leaky-wave behavioral explanation, are studied by designing three prototypes with different maximum gain values. The prototype FPCs are designed to operate for Q-band wireless communication systems (here, resonating at three different frequencies in the range of 42-46 GHz). The performance of the designed antennas, backed by initial analytical and numerical simulations, is verified with a full set of measurement results.

S. A. Hosseini, F. Capolino, and F. De Flaviis, "Q-Band Single-Layer Planar Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna with Single Integrated-Feed," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 52, 135-144, 2014.

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