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By T. Ni, Y.-C. Jiao, Z.-B. Weng, and L. Zhang

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The method of a T-shaped antenna loading T-shaped slots for multiple band operation is presented in this paper. Inspired by the fractal antenna, the proposed method is intended to be used for designing multiple band antennas. Through loading T-shaped slots in the terminals of a T-shaped antenna, dual or triple operating bands can be achieved. In order to validate the feasibility of this method, this type of antenna is designed and simulated. The antennas are respectively fed by two different feeding transmission lines (microstrip transmission line and coplanar waveguide (CPW) transmission line) for the purpose of identifying the method that can be commonly used. The parametric analysis in detail has been given to explain the effects of the key parameter variations. For WLAN and WiMAX applications, the antennas are fabricated and measured. Both simulated and measured results are presented to demonstrate the feasibility of these designs.

T. Ni, Y.-C. Jiao, Z.-B. Weng, and L. Zhang, "T-Shaped Antenna Loading T-Shaped Slots for Multiple Band Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 53, 45-53, 2014.

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