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By R. Anitha, P. V. Vinesh, S. Mathew, P. Mohanan, and K. Vasudevan

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A multimode collocated microstrip patch antenna with reduced mutual coupling is proposed in this paper. The antenna is designed to achieve polarization and pattern diversity for use in multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) terminals. The four-port antenna resonates at 2.45 GHz and have total dimension of 1.03λ with reduced mutual coupling (< -20 dB) between its ports. It consists of a simple square patch and a square ring antenna, with a novel square ring slot defected ground structure (DGS). Square ring slot on ground improves isolation by 7 dB by reducing surface waves in both E and H planes. With defected ground structure (DGS), coupling between patch and ring antennas is about -25 dB and correlation factor is less than 0.1. Pattern diversity, mutual coupling and correlation coefficient between signals for a four-port antenna fabricated using FR4 substrate is discussed in this paper.

R. Anitha, P. V. Vinesh, S. Mathew, P. Mohanan, and K. Vasudevan, "Collocated MIMO Antenna with Reduced Mutual Coupling Using Square Ring DGS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 53, 119-125, 2014.

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