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By M. Grzeskowiak, A. Diet, P. S. Diao, S. Protat, C. Bourcier, Y. Le Bihan, and G. Lissorgues

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The Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Low Frequency (LF) serial loops structure is proposed to improve TAGs detection when a TAG coil-antenna rotates by any angle, due to the tagged pebble moving. The detection zones of two types of TAGs (the token and glass TAG) and two types of reader coils, in function of the TAG size, TAG orientation and shape of the reader coils are tested. The effect of the proposed multi-coil inductively coupled is confirmed by measurement using a commercial LF RFID system.

M. Grzeskowiak, A. Diet, P. S. Diao, S. Protat, C. Bourcier, Y. Le Bihan, and G. Lissorgues, "Pebbles Tracking Thanks to RFID Lf Multi-Loops Inductively Coupled Reader," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 55, 129-137, 2014.

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