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By A. Valizade, M. Ojaroudi, and N. Ojaroudi

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A novel printed reconfigurable square slot antenna with switchable right/left-handed circular-polarization (CP) and switchable dual-band performances for use in DCS/WiMAX applications is designed and manufactured. In the proposed antenna, in order to create a reconfigurable structure with switchable dual-band performance, a meander-line shaped radiating stub is utilized. This radiating stub can select between two operating frequency bands with respect to the number of its steps, and also right- or left-handed circular polarization at one of the operating bands (WiMAX) is determined by the growth direction of this meander-line structure. Moreover, through embedding an L-shaped slot on the ground section, circular polarization can be provided for the other operating frequency band (DCS). Having right or left handed circular polarization at this frequency band can be determined by the location and orientation of the L-shaped slot on the ground plane. In order to achieve a reconfigurable antenna structure with simultaneous switchable dual-band and circular polarization functions, six PIN diodes were utilized. The designed antenna has a small size of 30×30 mm. Simulated and experimental results obtained for the designed antenna reveal good radiation behavior within the DCS (1.85 GHz) and WiMAX (3.5 GHz) frequency ranges.

A. Valizade, M. Ojaroudi, and N. Ojaroudi, "CPW-Fed Small Slot Antenna with Reconfigurable Circular Polarizion and Impdeance Bandwidth Characteristcis for DCS/WiMAX Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 56, 65-72, 2015.

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