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By A. Niccolai, F. Grimaccia, M. Mussetta, P. Pirinoli, V. H. Bui, and R. E. Zich

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This paper presents the Social Network Optimization, a new population based algorithm inspired by the recent explosion of social networks and their capability to drive people's decision making process in everyday life. Early experimental studies have already proven the SNO effectiveness in the optimized design of planar and conformal antennas. Here this novel optimization procedure is described in detail, tested and compared with other traditional evolutionary algorithms, and finally used for the design of different microwave circuits.

A. Niccolai, F. Grimaccia, M. Mussetta, P. Pirinoli, V. H. Bui, and R. E. Zich, "Social Network Optimization for Microwave Circuits Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 58, 51-60, 2015.

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