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Dielectric Resonator Antenna Arrays for Microwave Energy Harvesting and Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer

By Ahmed Z. Ashoor and Omar M. Ramahi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 59, 89-99, 2015


This paper presents dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) as efficient energy harvesters in the microwaves regime. A single DRA and 1×3 array were used to build foundation profiles for DRAs as energy harvesters. The proposed structures were designed and fabricated to resonate around 5.5 GHz. The study examined different factors that affect the harvester power efficiency. The size of ground plane and coupling between dielectric resonator (DR) elements in an array were studied, highlighting their effects on the overall efficiency of the harvester for different incident polarizations. A 5×5 array was built based on the studied factors and tested numerically and experimentally. Measurements showed that energy absorption eciency as high as 67% can be achieved using an array of DR antennas.


Ahmed Z. Ashoor and Omar M. Ramahi, "Dielectric Resonator Antenna Arrays for Microwave Energy Harvesting and Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 59, 89-99, 2015.


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