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By M. O. F. Howlader and T. P. Sattar

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In this paper, a miniaturized dipole antenna operating at 100 MHz frequency for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) application is presented. A conventional dipole antenna length is half of its lowest operating frequency wavelength. As low frequency GPR system is vital for high depth penetration, the size of the antenna used reduces its handling and portability. Therefore, the technique of miniaturizing a dipole antenna by adding extra radiating arms is presented here. The antenna design and analysis is carried out using Advanced Digital System (ADS) software, and a network analyser is used to validate antenna performance. The antenna of 66.5 cm × 22 cm dimension, fabricated on an FR4 substrate exhibits a frequency resonance at 104 MHz with 8 MHz -10 dB bandwidth. The proposed antenna radiates in omnidirectional pattern and features 55 % reduction in length compared to a conventional dipole antenna of same frequency operation.

M. O. F. Howlader and T. P. Sattar, "Miniaturization of Dipole Antenna for Low Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 61, 161-170, 2016.

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