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By L. Malviya, R. K. Panigrahi, and M. V. Kartikeyan

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A compact 2×2 dual-band MIMO antenna is proposed with polarization diversity technique for present wireless applications. The proposed design combines the horizontally and vertically polarized radiating elements. The effect of mutual coupling between radiating elements is reduced by partially stepped ground (PSG) and by the orthogonal placement of antenna elements. The whole configuration is designed over a substrate of size 70×70 mm2. The measured frequency bands extend from 2.408-2.776 GHz, and 4.96-5.64 GHz frequencies with SWR < 2. The measured isolation is more than 21 dB between adjacent and diagonal ports. The measured peak gains at 2.54 GHz, and 5.26 GHz resonant frequencies are 3.98 dBi and 4.13 dBi, respectively. The designed MIMO covers LTE bands (7/38/41), WLAN bands (2.4/5.2/5.5 GHz), and WiMAX band (2.5 GHz). The diversity performances in terms of peak gain, MEG, ECC, and directivity have also been reported.

L. Malviya, R. K. Panigrahi, and M. V. Kartikeyan, "A 2×2 Dual-Band MIMO Antenna with Polarization Diversity for Wireless Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 61, 91-103, 2016.

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