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By N. Pham, J.-Y. Chung, and B. Lee

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A new design of dual-band L1/L2 GPS antenna is proposed. The antenna generates dual-band circularly polarized radiation by exciting a cross-slot and ring-slot of a concentric circular aperture using a proximity-coupled feed. Parametric studies show that the matching and axial ratio bandwidth of L1 (1.575 GHz) and L2 (1.227 GHz) bands can be independently tuned by alternating the ring radius and slot length. The range of frequency ratio and 3 dB center frequency can be highly adjusted by slot's parameters. The size of the antenna is 73 mm × 73 mm × 6.4 mm including the ground, corresponding to 0.29λ × 0.29λ × 0.026λ at 1.227 GHz.

N. Pham, J.-Y. Chung, and B. Lee, "A Proximity-Fed Antenna for Dual-Band GPS Receiver," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 61, 1-8, 2016.

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