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By K. Wu, Y. Huang, H. Hu, Y. Wang, J. Li, and G. Wen

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In this paper, two compact multi-layer four-way substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) power combiners/dividers operating at W-band are analyzed and demonstrated experimentally/numerically. Based on the double-layer SIW broadside slot directional coupler, a four-way power combiner/divider is proposed for the first time. And a four-layer four-way SIW power combiner/divider is demonstrated experimentally, by using the transition structure between high-performance multi-layer SIWs and rectangular waveguide. Both SIW power combiners/dividers show the high port-isolation, low loss, high efficiency, wide-band, and small lateral size.

K. Wu, Y. Huang, H. Hu, Y. Wang, J. Li, and G. Wen, "Compact Multi-Layer Four-Way SIW Power Combiners/Dividers Operating at W-Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 61, 185-193, 2016.

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