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By S. Bedra and T. Fortaki

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The resonant characteristics of superconducting rectangular microstrip patch antenna with a superstrate layer are investigated using a full-wave spectral analysis in conjunction with the complex resistive boundary condition. The complex surface impedance of superconducting patch is determined using London's equation and the two-fluid model of Gorter and Casimir. Numerical results using the full-wave analysis presented here are in excellent agreement with theoretical and experimental results available in the open literature. Numerical results show that the effect of the superstrate layer on the resonant frequency and half-power bandwidth of the superconducting rectangular patch is stronger than that of the structure without superstrate layer as both the thickness and permittivity of the superstrate increase. Finally, numerical results concerning the effects of the parameters of superstrate-substrate and superconducting patch on the antenna performance are also presented and discussed.

S. Bedra and T. Fortaki, "Effects of Superstrate Layer on the Resonant Characteristics of Superconducting Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 62, 157-165, 2016.

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